The Brahmatma Diva Center for Expansion of Consciousness is a place, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, that conducts activities that help us to see life from a different, clearer perspective, giving us more resources and options for living happier lives.

We are an ecumenical research center, which integrates aspects of religions with a focus on better living.

"Almost three years ago I couldn't even imagine that that was a point of no return, the end of the life I knew and the beginning of so much more."
Elina Petrova
Solar Energy Executive
"The beginning of a journey to the center of our heart!"
Sophie Khailat
Technology Consultant
"I can say that I came back to life thanks to this beautiful work, full of love."
Rachel Coutinho
"I can only thank you and hope that many people can also get to know the work and realize how much medicine and living in the house with the brothers help in the process of critical vision, the search for the essence by the mechanical processes of everyday life, and a more humanistic way of thinking. Immense affection for Brahmatma and the brothers."
Paulo Kenji Demura
"Sacred land of much healing and liberation. Infinite love. Gratitude."
Mariana Barros
Educator and Artist
"Long live this blessed and fertile land, a point of light and love for us all!"
Nathália Noronha

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