Brahmatma Diva

The name Brahmatma Diva (Brahma – male deity who created the universe, according to Hindus, Atma – the Higher Self, our soul, our cosmic self, Diva – female deity) symbolizes the union of the “opposites”, the eternal struggle of the common man to overcome the “duality” of his ego-centered personality and go in search of homo-cosmicus, the evolution of the human being to a being connected with the planet and the cosmos.

Brahmatma started in 2014 in Itatiaia in the state of Rio de Janeiro, we are a group aimed at those who want to improve and distance themselves from their egos, from their personalities now incarnated, going in search of personal improvement, of their true essence, their Higher Self, timeless, to connect with the divine being that resides within each one of us and that transcends mundane situations.

The Brahmatma Diva has already received Bulgarians, Italians, Moroccans, Canadians, Argentines, Portuguese, French, Germans, Uruguayans, Americans, Iraqis, and Israelis to commune with indigenous medicine and the joy of recognizing ourselves as one people, without borders of color, language, religion, or politics.

"The truly wise are the most convinced of their ignorance."