About Us

We are a Consciousness Expansion Center.

A place where, through exercises and activities in different areas, we can see life, nature, and ourselves from a higher point of view, without the interference of lower emotions, such as attachment to certainties, separatism or egocentrism.

Everything is energy, frequency and attunement.

Everything in the universe vibrates, and attracts or repels through attunement. As we increase the speed of our vibration, we evolve in frequency, attracting new, “lighter” situations to us, because at higher frequencies we are no longer slaves to the emotions that vibrate at lower, denser frequencies. Our goal is to subtle our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, to be in tune with the new frequency of the Earth, which is subduing.

We do this through experiences, meditations, alignment exercises, and also with ceremonies with sacred medicines used by the indigenous people of the Amazon, such as Ayahuasca, a sacrament that dates back 3,000 years, consecrated by the Incas.

We believe that all the world crises, financial, political and social, are linked to a crisis of consciousness.

Two people with different consciousnesses experience the same situation in different ways and are therefore affected differently.

The coordinators of the sessions are Lúcia Veiga Netto and Bruno Veiga Valentim.

Lúcia is an astrologer specialized in karmic astrology, and in each retreat she does the astrological chart of the moment of the ritual, so that the participants can align themselves with the energies of the moment, to understand the challenges and amplify the positive healing energies that will be manifesting on the date of the retreat.

Bruno is also a journalist and makes documentaries about the evolution of consciousness and the planetary transition.

We have weekend retreats every month, each with a different theme, bringing the energy of a deity, Orixá or religious movement to pay respect and attune with its energy, seeking the higher understanding of that force.

As we are a center of consciousness expansion we also have other activities on the other weekends with the purpose of consciential awakening through several areas, such as in the field of Transpersonal Shamanic Psychology with therapies, for example, Shamanic Journeys, SBT (Shamanic Behavioral Therapy); in the field of energetic therapies like Shamanic Reiki, Sacred Fire, Energetic Alignment, Soul Retrieval Therapy; Astrological Journeys (Transpersonal-Shamanic Astrology) among others.

We believe that all religions have the same goal, which is the liberation of the being, through awakening. Awakening is simply becoming aware of the existence of this force and understanding how this energy acts in our lives.

We respect and love all religions, because all forms of culture, from different parts of the world, are us. We are everything and everyone.

The past is past, and the future is the present

“The bigger should be the one who serves and honors the smaller.”