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Lúcia Veiga Netto

Graduated in Literature from Gama Filho University, she was a teacher and translator, and taught Portuguese and English for 25 years in the main courses and schools in Rio de Janeiro.

She began studying Astrology at Astroscientia in 1985 and concluded her training in 1989, when she joined the Rio de Janeiro Astrologers Union (SINARJ n.078), specializing in Karmic and Vocal Astrology.

He taught at the Astro*Timing (Astrological Center for Professional Training in Rio de Janeiro) from 1992 to 1998, participated in several astrology congresses, spiritist centers, spiritualist fraternities and in the cycle of lectures at the Casa de Cultura da Faculdade Estácio de Sá and at the Faculdade de Comunicação UFRJ, among others.

She has been working since 1988 as a medium for consultation and spiritual healing with energy fields and bioenergetics, and as an instructor in the sensitivity course at “IEVE – Irmandade Espiritualista Verdade Eterna.”

She is a master in Reiki Usui and Seichim since 1998 and Master Practioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming).

In 1996 he started his spiritual development in the Umbanda line at TEUF (Tenda Espírita Unidos Pela Fé).

In late 1999 he moved to the United States where he continued his activities giving lectures and teaching Karmic Astrology at the American Theosophical Society for South Florida, besides giving consultations, writing spiritualist articles for several newspapers and specialized magazines.

Still in the United States, she took several courses such as Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre of Boca Raton, Basic Techniques of the Sacred Merkaba (2000 – Miami), Healing Techniques with the Golden Spheres of Life, the vital energy, (2001 – Miami) and Advanced Techniques of the Sacred Merkaba (2001 – Miami) which enabled her to become a certified instructor of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques in a master course (2002 – Deerfield Beach); enabling her to teach the Pranic Tube Activation Techniques and the Angelic and Archangelic Light Bodies for dimensional shifts. Lúcia was the first certified instructor of the Merkabah techniques in Brazil.

In 2003 she took courses in electro-magnetic healing techniques such as the Christic Light Techniques and the “Thinking with the Whole Brain” healing techniques for balancing the cerebral hemispheres; in 2004 the Trinity Healing Techniques.

In 2006, in Quebec, he completed a 9-day course in Light Body Activation Techniques that enables access to higher levels of dimensional consciousness.

Back in Brazil, she resumed her spiritual activities, in IEVE and in the Temple of the Valley of the Sun and of the Moon, and her professional activities, as a lecturer, consultant, and teacher, teaching astrology courses for professional formation and self-knowledge through the expansion of consciousness, the perception of the personality performance in levels of consciousness in order to promote the evolution of the being and the conduction of life through the qualities of the soul.

She is also a certified instructor of the Meditation Techniques of the Christic Light and Merkabah from Canada, instructor of the Mindfulness Meditation Technique and therapist of the Fogo Sagrado Energetic Alignment and Bach and California Flowers.

Besides consultations and lectures, she is currently developing:
Solar Astrology: An ancient technique from the ancient Egyptians, based on the importance of planetary alignments for the evolution of humanity and the ascension of planet Earth.
Initiatic Astrology: Astrology is a Sacred Science. The knowledge of Initiation Astrology assists in ‘religare’ with higher levels of consciousness. It is a method of introspection and liberation. It is a tool for insight and perception of how one can accelerate the inner journey.

Bruno Veiga Valentim

At the age of eleven, eager to understand the mysteries of life, Bruno began reading about astrology, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality, going through Jung, Plato, Milton Erickson, and Gestault, among others.

At the age of thirteen he began to study and work as a medium at the Eternal Truth Spiritualist Fellowship, a spiritual house directed in the astral by Master Shidha, a Tibetan Buddhist monk who lived one of his lives with Bhudda. There Bruno worked with chromotherapy, bioenergetics, firewheel, and other spiritual treatments under the spiritual name of Raja Purusha of Krishna.

At thirteen he also started his Jiu-Jitsu trajectory, a millennial martial art descended from the samurais and later formatted in Brazil. Today Bruno is a black belt of this philosophy, where it is not strength that wins a fight, but entering in the flow, in the Tao.

Passionate about religions, spirituality, and everything related to energy and frequency, he is a curious person who studies from Nikolah Tesla to ancestral traditions and power plants.

He has studied Neurolinguistic Programming and Astral Projection, and has worked with Apometry and as a medium in the White Umbanda, where he learned about the processes of incorporation.

He began his work with Ayahuasca in the Order of Ptah and Seckmet, in Rio de Janeiro, where he found his path. He graduated as a guardian in this house until he received the call to begin a work, together with his mother, uniting the sacrament of Ayahuasca with the lines of Saint Michael the Archangel, Hindu, Orixás, shamanism, and Brazilian indigenous lines. There Brahmatma Diva was born in Itatiaia.

Due to his thirst for information from a very young age, he studied journalism and today works as a producer of documentary films and TV programs, through his company Brasil Raiz Cine 1. For more than 20 years he has been traveling around Brazil registering the culture and spirituality of the Brazilian people.

Bruno Veiga Valentim began his research on Ayahuasca 11 years ago, having participated in more than 500 ceremonies with Ayahuasca during this period. He began his studies with Rapé, Sananga, and Kambô, among other forest medicines. He was one of the few non-indigenous people selected to participate in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Indigenous Ayahuasca Conferences in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022, an unprecedented event in history that took place in the Amazon rainforest and brought together the main spiritual leaders of the Amazonian peoples who hold the knowledge about the medicines of the forest, such as Ayahuasca. Bruno is producing the film “Doctors of the Forest” with the research and filming of these important events.

In 2016, he went to Prague to film the World Forum on Science and Psychedelics, where the world’s leading scientists gathered to talk about the latest research on the healing potential of Ayahuasca and other substances for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, etc. From this trip the film “The New Science of Psychedelics” was born.

Among his current projects are 5 documentaries about the indigenous culture of the Amazon, Ayahuasca, and global climate change. He is also the founder of the website and YouTube channel Ayahuasca Portal, which brings together information and videos about the sacred indigenous medicine, filmed material for feature films in production such as “Ayahuasca, the Spirit of the Forest” and the short film “Ayahuasca” of 13 mins, which was produced in partnership with Canal Futura and shown on the channel.